Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What I knew about China before I came here

-Communism and Mao, but maybe the country is better described as socialist that currently being communist
-Tiananmen square, something about pro-democracy protestors dying
-Big economy and factory of the world
-great wall (can be seen from space)
-hong kong given back to China in 1997
-beijing is the capital and shanghai has lots of skyscrapers
-biggest population in the World
-1 child policy
-tea and china

then i read some books in the 2 weeks before I came here and learnt about
-the cultural revolution
-the great leap forward
-deng xiaoping and the opening up period
-WTO accession and Olympics in 2008
-results of 1 child policy, male-preference for children and ageing on society
...and some other things

if i think of some more things that i used to know then i will change this blog.


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