Tuesday, April 04, 2006


2 weeks after the last post:

2 conferences later (1 attended in fancy hotel with important people and 1 run for 420 students)

2 leaving parties later (1 for South Africa, 1 for Brazil -both for just a month or two)

2 birthdays later (mum and dad -and of course mother's day too!)

The conference I went to was incredible in terms of the content and the people. Extremely interesting discussions about the role of business in society, about energy and water, or about doing business in dodgy countries. The organisers, WBCSD, continue to impress me with their ability, reach, professionalism and output.

The conference I chaired and ran with my team-mates was exhausting: managing so many people, screaming to keep order, dealing with shitty microphones and saying goodbye .. its my last aiesec conference in any official capacity. But I'm excited: I feel like I'll be leaving in the summer having integrated somewhat issues of corporate responsibility into AIESEC, having left a small mark on some people and ensured that the local university branches buy into and actively are able to organise their own learning activities -and benefit from them. True, I could have achieved a lot more -but that's what the last 3 months are for!

Finally the rest of the team returned; only for us all to split up again for most of the next month as we go around all the universities (me included). Its great to hang out, chat and laugh. I guess we will miss each other. Certainly living for 11 months so close together, you get to be used to people!

Beijing is still so dry. it drives me crazy: electric shocks all the time (even when shaking someone's hand to say hello, sometimes!), dust everywhere, polluted skies frequently and little wind. The only excitement occured when somehow the dust got into the clouds and there was sort of snow (it was white that's for sure) but in the morning all teh cars look like they had been sandblasted. Car washes had a bumper day... and I think its a great business to be in, in beijing anyway!

Since my sister's short film is being shown in a cinema (rented especially) in a week or so, and having been speaking to the whole family about it for weeks, I have been talking to myself (and others) about making movies more and more. With so much travelling in China I started to become a bit of a photo boffin... not good photos, but a desire to try to take good photos! I've also watched many movies in the last 18 months or so. Readers will note that I have a certain affection for China and find it an incredibly interesting country especially in these periods of change. Combining all this together (plus no-one outside of China has a clue about China) creates a compelling case to make some interesting movies. It could be about wealth gaps, migrant workers, construction, hutongs, factory protests or so much else...

Throw in some personality to the characters, make the audience feel for them through their family or friends in film (or add lots of action) and there is a lot of potential for some interesting stuff. It might not be as powerful as 'the constant gardener' (truly fantastic film) or 'city of god' (even more fantastic), but you never know... certainly it would be possible to show how complex everything is.. from the role of the government to the inequalities or the trade issues and the resource problems. Anyway, some thoughts for the future if an occasion arises.


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