Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lessons from travelling for Work (or life?)

1. Have a plan
2. Do some research
3. Take extra resources, just in case (money)
4. Be prepared for trouble/unexpected (first aid, torch, spare food)
5. Attitude: expect problems (always look on the bright side!) and be flexible. Be positive!
6. Adapt. Make the most of everything. Recognise the achievements and beauty. Take time to reflect.
7. When alone, challenge your decisions. listen to your conscious, since there is no-one else to disagree with you!
8. There are distinct benefits to going alone: no arguments, more opportunities to meet other people and less compromise
9. Be brave -just do it. Be determined and ambitious. Explore -opportujnities and try new things -what is there to lose? But don't take stupid risks
10. Choose advisors carefully: make the right friends. If you don't ask you cannot get!
11. Always prepare for the next step
12. Learn your lessons.


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