Saturday, October 28, 2006


5 years after last being in Canada, I've returned to Toronto to meet with Plan in Canada to discuss various work-related co-operation possibilities. Despite arriving at 6am, and leaving 2 days later at the same time (when it is dark!), I have had a successful trip, learning a huge amount from my Canadian colleagues.

Possibly it is because I am coming here from China, and not from the UK as last time, but it has been a delight coming here. The traffic is so considerate, the diversity of people so great as well as the diversity of small restaurants, bars and shops that I almost feel like I am back in down-town London. My perspective must have changed a lot: I see old buildings everywhere and think they are beautiful. Cleveland is similar, though with less (i.e. zero) people on the streets since no-one lives down-town and of course, drives everywhere.

Halloween here is massive. 1 of the ladies in Plan Canada is having a party saturday night and has a full-size coffin as well as cut-up parts of mannequins all over her house (plus all the usual cobwebs etc) -I wish I could go. Instead maybe I can find something in Cleveland. None-the-less there are people all over the streets wearing costumes and everyone is talking about it -even about trick-a-treating with their kids. Meanwhile I'm still tasting the delights of great Indian, Italian and Middle Eastern Food (plus canadian pancakes in the morning and sandwiches at lunch!) -something definitely lacking in Xi'an!


At 6:46 am, Blogger Jingwei said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your trip to Toronto. I am looking forward to having a discussion about USA once you are back. And of course about the BAWB forum.

At 6:45 am, Blogger Arthur He said...

I reli like the sentence you quote "life is a journey,not a destination".I think these are two major different attitude towards life.And lots of ppl here discuss China with me here,lots of questions even me don't know how to answer,but after reading some of your articles,i get the answer.That's the difference.


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