Wednesday, December 06, 2006

3 years in china?

Another trip to Beijing, and another Birthday coming up. Having a third birthday in China feels like I have been here 3 years, though it is only a few months more than 2. None-the-less it is a nice feeling to have friends in Beijing.. who are not leaving every few months (most people in China seem to, either foreigners or local chinese!). It is also exciting that in a few days Ian's wedding invite will arrive -already looking forward to a trip home for it in May!

The last few couple of weeks in Xi'an were not too exciting -the highlight was buying wardrobes and moving my clothes out of my suitcases (3 months after moving in and 1 month after getting a bed!); finding a new type of yummy dish (shao guo -noodles and stuff boiled in a clay pot); ongoing chinese lessons and then putting all my winter clothes at the very top of my new wardrobe! Beijing has been most exciting since I did Chinese Kung fu for the first time (at 7am at minus something degrees) and played football (in the same day) for 2 hours for the first time in more than a year (at 8pm at minus something degrees) -and 2 days later my muscles are still aching!

Beijing is changing. Buildings are supposed to be finished by next summer, to allow a year to settle before the olympics (apparently), meaning that all the buildings that were started a year ago are now rising up. Glassmakers must be making a fortune! Truly the number of skyscrapers (30 storeys or so) in Beijing by 2008 will be ridiculous.. more than New York? Who knows, but much more spectacular and exciting. Everyone will have lots of time to admire them whilst stuck in traffic along any parts of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th ring roads which are now surrounded by apartment towers or office towers. How long till the 6th Ring road (which is fully 30 miles from the centre of Beijing) will be the same? But, damn it, the progress on all 8 or so new subway lines is still so depressingly slow -with almost all of them expected to open in the last 6 months before the olympics starts. Londoners -despite the Tube's problems it exists and it works and it covers most places you ever need to go -stop complaining!!

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p.s. did anyone realise how much I like using () and -?


At 5:50 pm, Blogger Jingwei said...

You made me miss Beijing so much now!

At 1:31 am, Blogger Terence said...

hey adam! was in beijing a month ago and sad to hear that you were in Xian cause it meant that I couldnt meet up with you. nevertheless very impressed to hear that you are in Xian. I was there in 2004 but I am sure it must have changed a fair bit by now. Hope you are well.


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