Saturday, January 20, 2007

China's ambitions and great movies

When I was in the USA I was discussing with a friend about how empires come and go.. and most often empire's (or anyone in a powerful position) do not want to actually go! Hence, the inevitability of some kind of 'war' between the US and China... cold or otherwise. There is simply no reason to expect the US to want to allow China to be the dominant player in the World; why would they want to?

The question then is will China want to be ambitious -and this I feel is the interesting question. Hopefully in the future, sometime, the Chinese leadership will realise it is in their best interests (in the World's best interests) to settle for 2nd place. But, if the recent missile they fired against a weather satellite in space is much to go by, it seems like they are planning on being a Super Power... and recent history doesn't seem to promise a bright future if there are 2 superpowers, separated by ideologies or otherwise (China is not a communist country, but that is probably not relevant).

On a unrelated front, I just watched 'hard candy' a disturbing movie about a young girl and a pedophile. I really don't want to say any more about the plot -its best to watch it for yourself; if you can stand watching it (especially if you are a guy) and my emotions were really flying around about what is ethical or not for the girl to do in the movie... i definitely recommend it -and then you will understand what i mean better. In the end I suppose it depends on whether you think people can change, and whether they deserve a chance to change or not (and what harm they might do if you give them that chance).

It is a great movie, because it is interesting; it raises interesting questions and perspectives and it is gripping to watch.. like all my favourite movies :)


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