Monday, September 24, 2007

Cafes and Motos

It is true, Vietnam is even more crazy than Cambodia for motorbikes. Approximately 1 for every 2 people in Hanoi (so maybe there are some kids that do not have one!), and very few cars. Unfortunately all the motorbikes are petrol powered, and not electric.

Hanoi is a very cool city with some nice art galleries, French colonial buildings, fantastic food, wonderful fruit, small streets and lots of cafes. We went to 3 cafes today as well as 1 restaurant. i managed to have 2 ice cream deserts! We also had a massage, and the poor little 20 year old was sweating by the time she finished trying to manhandle me!

This does not bode well for my supposed preparations for the half marathon. i did manage a 65 minute run before i left Beijing; but i need to do more exercise up in the mountains next week to keep fit with so much great food to try, and cheap local beer to drink! The next 3 days will be spent in supposedly spectacular Halong bay on boats, beaches and kayaks. Often these kinds of trips are a bit hit-and-miss as the tour operators are not always trustworthy about the quality of the boats etc, so fingers crossed.

Some people here speak Chinese, but not many, which is actually useful for talking to my travelling buddy behind the locals' back. Weirdly the word for goodbye in Vietnamese sounds a lot like the word for 'number 2' in Chinese.


At 9:20 pm, Blogger Frank Rong said...

Hey Adam,

I am working in a motocycle company now ... :) so as i learn, vietnam seriously has a high rate for having moto, but it's a shame that there were a lot from China before but not now. Due to many quality problem cases, ppl don't believe MADE IN CHINA any more. Now almost all are from Japan ...

Anyway, wish you had a good time there~



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