Monday, October 29, 2007


Yes, I prefer Beijing to Shanghai in almost every way. Shanghai people are disliked by almost everyone, their accent sounds horrible, Shanghai has the cheek to actually have some decent public transportation and forward thinking government, Shanghai has more skyscrapers than people (i think) and Shanghai has more money than it knows what to do with.

Anyway, it now has more of my money than I would like it to. Even in a chinese restaurant (with some beers, admittedly) the bill hit 50+ RMB; about 20 more than equivalent in Beijing. Then the bars, well it's close on 4 pounds for a pint in almost anywhere here nowadays. Fortunately a friend took me out to the Piano bar in Jin mao building, the 88 story skyscraper, whose bar requires minimum spend of 8 pounds a head.

Yesterday a yellow sports car zoomed around, for the sake of zooming; today i had to go to the ridiculously trendy xintiandi with the gucci shops selling real gucci watches, and people actually buying something from them! Then there is the car issue... Shanghai rations its number of new license plates each year so prices are driven up through official auctions. Not that that stops anyone buying a car here.

Moving on, since when I talk about Shanghai i always say the same things, I had the wonderful pleasure of going into starbucks to enquire about their wireless internet and being told, i would have to pay for some card or something to use it, but that the coffee place next door was free. I know Starbucks likes to provide good service, and i was thankful, but i wonder if this is going too far?


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