Sunday, March 29, 2009

What happened to Spring?

So much for the 29 degrees ten days ago, the subsequent week was down below 15 and this morning it was snowing! Somewhat shocking since yesterday me and Andrea spent the afternoon out at the Olympic Park lying in the sun and walking around the Forest Park, without a jacket!

I think the reason we headed out there was the brainwashing from the TVs on the subway, which show a constant stream of repeats from the Olympics: different sports, the opening ceremony, the annoying Olympics song (when you hear it every single day, annoying is the lightest word i can use right now). On and on it goes, only interrupted by brief interludes when arriving at a station. It was, though, a worthwhile trip, including a visit inside the Water Cube which still remains at its most impressive at night, lit up.

Apart from the wild weather fluctuations, the week's highlight was a birthday party and the excellent news that despite losing both our 5-a-side matches on monday night (making a rather dismal record of lost 5, won 1) we are not bottom of the league (due to goal difference). A few more weeks left in the season, and one hopes, time left to redeem ourselves.

We can't fire our Manager, since we don't have one; nor can we bribe the referees, since we tried and it did not work, nor can we bring in any new players from overseas, since if they are better than me then I won't get a game! How about blaming it on the weather?

Never mind, I am off go-karting tonight and then back to planning my trip to Thailand at the end of May for a wedding (and more scuba-diving). So, in case you want to ask, life is still good :-)


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