Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No longer hobbling like a penguin

Finally, after spending Sunday afternoon and Monday struggling to walk or avoiding walking like a penguin, I am finally walking normally again. Certainly at 11.30 on Sunday the thought going through my mind was that the marathon itself didn't seem to be as hard as walking does now!

Overcoming a flat battery on my mp3 player, rain, wind, the cold, and a lot of boredom, I did complete my first marathon. I know it is an achievement. I am still not sure how I did it... Running non-stop for 3 and a half hours is a hell of a lot of running, not made any easier by the dearth of spectators due to the awful weather and half the route being away from any residential areas.

Anyway it is done, as is the training. Now, whilst we shiver waiting another couple of weeks for the government to turn the heating on I am enjoying the extra time in bed in the mornings. Aside from the running, over the last two weeks I have been exploring what the American chamber of commerce in China should do to drive sustainability, and how pharmaceutical companies' sustainability efforts help them enter new markets or improve their reputations. Work that is, on the whole, interesting.

There was also a small office outing to a local organic farm to understand best agricultural practices which was quite interesting, and two visits to one of my favourite restaurants, Vegan Hut. I m not becoming a vegan, although am trying to eat meat less often, but the food there is wonderful.

In the meantime we've witnessed China flexing its muscles, ignoring all calls to release Liu Xiaobo from jail despite him winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and standing up to Japan over ownership of certain islands by stopping (it seems) the export of certain minerals. Certainly these kinds of issues will continue, foreign countries need to know that criticising China will make it less likely to change, not more, and China needs to be a bit less selfish and see other perspectives (though which country is not selfish?). No doubt more on this at a later date.


At 1:36 am, Blogger Gowhere? said...

Congrats Adam on your completion of the marathon!


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