Friday, July 15, 2011

Homeward bound

I'm sitting in the Beijing airport at 1am about to board my first Russian airline flight (though I hear it is a Boeing or an Airbus plane). Meanwhile my antivirus software has just told me someone has tried to attack my laptop (I am using the free airport wi-fi) which is interesting. Wonder if it is the government (smart idea to give free wi-fi and then use it as a gateway to get information from businessmen and government staff passing through) or some talented hacker... Not been a great day computer-wise as i got to work and found my computer loving the "blue screen" look due to a broken hard drive.

Last time i had backed up my work files was about 3 months ago, which is a bit of a pain. Maybe they'll rescue the files somehow whilst I am using the backup laptop in the UK. In which case they may also be able to rescue some of the files tracking who is coming to the wedding and who is not! Speaking of weddings.... that is something on the mind which is ramping up somewhat; although right now I am more worried about how cold and wet the weather forecast for the UK is for the next 15 days. My luggage is full of sweatshirts!

The last few weeks have been a bit lonely since Andrea has been in Europe and work has piled up before leaving (although i'm still going to be working for 2 of the 5 weeks I am away) with a couple of last minute projects, as well as plenty of training for the new hires that are on board. However a lot has got done (not withstanding this afternoon's laptop problems!), Beijing managed to find a couple of blue-sky days amongst one of the smoggiest summers for a while, and only some of the biggest thunderstorms ever managed to shift the smog (including one taking place tonight which now seems to be delaying the flight). I did manage to pick a good day last saturday to do an 11-mile run with Chris, who is promising to run under 3.30 for the marathon this year and expecting me to be alongside him (rather than behind, in front, or watching on the tele). Only time will tell where i do end up on that one!

Last time home was 18 months ago - what has changed? a new government and 1 less newspaper; but the economy still seems to be shaky and the Olympics far away. This time i won't be venturing up north (forcing friends to come down to London for a stag party and wedding) but will be wondering around Germany for a week. Looking forward to meeting many of you (three) readers in the next few weeks!


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