Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Typical really. Ever since we bought an expensive air purifier the air quality has been really good. I suppose I shouldn't complain (and should remember even the very best days here, as stunningly blue as the sky seems, are still rated 'bad' by US standards) but the machine is sitting in the corner somewhat unused. I think the most action it has seen is when a 14 month old toddler tried to smash a plastic toy against it 10 days ago at the baby shower.

I avoided most of the baby shower since its really a girly (American) thing but I did turn up at the end to eat the cookies and brownies the girls had cooked and the 4 year-old had decorated. I also made myself useful dashing after the kids and their mother with the purple tights that somehow the toddler had managed to leave behind buried under the toy box (yes, we have a toy box- so very prepared!). Meanwhile the toddler was wearing Andrea's socks as a stop-gap measure since it was freezing cold. Miraculously the socks stayed on (even the kid-size socks normally fall off and get lost it seems) which may have been thanks to the 4-year old being tasked to look after them. Or not. I believe the 4-year old got distracted with the playground and abandoned her duties. Ah, kids...

In other news, it's christmas apparently. What this means is music, lights and tiny christmas trees. At least in many shops it does. In the shopping malls it may mean a whole festival of lights, a plastic Santa and some fake snow. One could think its all a commercial drive to increase domestic consumption except noone buys presents. They wish you merry christmas and that is it. Its really just part of the government's efforts to sell more christmas decorations and take people's minds away from protests in villages like Wukan (the village won), Academy Award winners trying to talk to a human rights activist who has not been charged with anything but who is not allowed to speak to anyone (the security/government won and Christian Bale lost) and other matters.

Meanwhile, of course, Britain is trying to jump out of a sinking ship, North Korea is trying to keep its ship on the same path despite a new Captain/figurehead and the US still barely has control of its ship since both the oarsmen in both sides are rowing against each other. In other news, BSR is hiring people, I'm back occasionally exercising (and making hilarious jokes about nutmegs whilst playing football), Christmas dinner has been cooked and the leftovers eaten and Chunukah is about to finish. Well next year things may be different as might New Year's Eve. But despite this I'm still so old that I don't think there will be any big last night out. But then there is a reason why babysitters are so-called. We've sussed out some already.

Enjoy the New Year's celebrations everyone!


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