Sunday, April 08, 2012

Her eyes are still blue - will they stay that way?

It's been 5 weeks since I last wrote. Hannah is now 12 weeks old and is enjoying her new bouncy chair. I am sure our nannies will enjoy playing with Hannah in it too. Shortly after the 3 week period, when I went back to work and Hannah began being away for more than a few hours a day we realized we needed a nanny. Andrea was unable to work and play with Hannah; one of the two was going to suffer, which was not fair to either. So we sought out a nanny and as a short-term solution found one recommended but only available in the mornings, and thus ended up getting another one for the afternoons. Also a short-term solution. Except, 9 weeks later, it's clearly become a medium-term solution. It might change in the Summer, we'll see. So Hannah get's a lot of attention at home. And we get a very clean home (when Hannah is sleeping, the nannies clean).

Hannah also gets a lot of attention elsewhere too. On the streets it's often because she is in a carrier (very unusual in China) and facing forward; and because she has big blue eyes. With our friends it is because, well our friends like Hannah. Most don't have babies yet, but we have a few friends with kids. They still love Hannah too. And of course we love her as well. She's not changed that much in the last month noticeably. Still looking around lots, still enjoying flexing her legs and standing up (supported heavily by us), and so on. She is beginning to use her hands a bit more, like when she feeds. I suppose the biggest change is she has begun to be able to put her hand in her own mouth intentionally and to suck on it. Sometimes she even manages to get a finger in her mouth, which is better. At least there is less dribble that comes out that way! She does dribble quite a lot. We've never had so many packets of tissues open in our place at one time! She also still burps up some her milk, but she is getting good at burping which is nice (she tends to cry until she burps).

Another noticeable change -- though hardly a milestone -- is her digestive system seems to be evolving. Less pooping and more peeing. It means less nappies/diapers. She has slept from midnight through to 6am a few times without needing a feed, but that is not the case all the time. We continue to take her out-and-about, and she's also managed on some milk powder occasionally if her mum has been away a long time and not been able to store enough breast milk in the fridge.

Aside from Hannah, work has been very busy with a few new people joining. Having said that this week might be a short lull (i've not had to do any work all this weekend). Recently I've been researching the role of the media in reporting on good/bad social, environmental and governance performance of companies and how that might influence the companies or investors. I've also been researching the role of business-government partnerships in advancing social agendas. And there has been some proposals, a lot of events (we moved to a new office and had a party as well as several other events related to different projects) and various bits and pieces of planning too.

Of course, the last month or so has been quite a wild time for China, with the parliament meeting, a scandal involving a senior politician, a big issue about labor rights with Apple and various other things happening. It's going to be an interesting next 12 months as the political handover (to a new cabinet) takes place. And now, as Spring has come and gone in the space of 2 weeks (it snowed about a month ago), Summer is upon us. The weather is around 25 degrees in the daytime and slowly moving up in the evenings (between 10-15 degrees now), and the skies are still very clear. In fact since Hannah was born, out of 12 weeks I think at least 9 have been relatively pollution-free. With weather like this we've spend most of our weekends outside, eating downstairs by the lake in our community, walking in parks or forests and also just walking around town. It's going to be a great 6 months until Winter gets here!


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